Your electric bill is about to go up – If the IEC Powerline project is approved, pennsylvania and delmarva electric customers will pay more.

The Transource Powerline project keeps getting worse. Now it has come to light with testimony from the Office of Consumer Advocate that ALL Pennsylvania electric customers will pay MORE for electric power, because this system is designed to get power to the Washington D.C.  area. The law of supply and demand dictates that if more power leaves PA, prices will go up.
How much? The Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate estimates rates will increase by $367 Million over the next 15 years for YOU! EVERY Citizen who pays for electric can protest RIGHT NOW within TWO MINUTES.

Citizens to STOP Transource fights to protect our Southern York County and Northern Harford County communities from the Transource Independence Energy proposed high-tension power lines.

Citizens to STOP Transource is an official 501c4 community organization dedicated to stopping the approval of this needless power line project. We are a group of residents here to help YOU, the landowners and community members, be heard in the process.
Transource is attempting to take a Right of Way across farmland for power lines and towers through eminent domain. That means that Transource could build the 13-story (over 130-feet-tall) towers through the unspoiled countryside against landowners’ will. This eye-sore will be here forever, and is not needed because there is an existing high-power line that could be used.
We need all members of the community to stand together and defend this beautiful section of rural America. Join the cause now by choosing from the buttons below.