Citizens to STOP Transource is an official 501c4 community organization dedicated to stopping the approval of this needless power line project. We are here to help YOU, the landowners, be heard in the process.

We are a completely volunteer organization. Your donations currently will be used for:
  • Mailing supplies and postage to get information into the community throughout the process
  • Maintaining a FREE public website for updates and outreach
  • Assisting landowners and community members in filing official protests, petitions to intervene and objection letters by providing technical help for electronic submissions, access to printers and computers, and provide public meeting spaces to gather and discuss options.
  • In the future, donations could be used as a collective legal fund to defend the community against Transource or to represent the interests of the community before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission should it be required.
Donate as you are able today!
If you prefer to write a check, which we recommend for amounts over $500, please send your donation to:
Citizens to STOP Transource
2885 New Park Rd
New Park, PA 17352